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Friday, October 24, 2014

Prologue #OFWSpy2

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Prologue #OFWSpy2

As Edward started to leave; my five children appeared before me. They’re joyfully smiling which made me think other than making me happy. I was very happy, of course! But here I am sitting on a wheelchair because of my best friend, Mike Luna.

“Dad, we knew what you are talking about….our sister Shaira? Uncle Edward told us before that you had two children from a woman named Danielle? Don’t worry, we’re grown up now and we understand about this matter. All of us, wants to meet her and don’t worry about Mommy, we can handle this,” Anne said.

“Thank you so much Anne, Kent, John, Danny and Christine. You’re all…so understanding…thank you my children,” looking at them one by one.

“Dad, be happy for your life….we’re behind you always.” Kent said to me holding my hand. “Yes Dad,” and the rest of the children said in unison.

They entertained me while we’re waiting for Ayah Isabel, Lina Luna, Shaira and Vivian Montoya. Our bonding was very successful in terms of getting to know each other again. That for the past years I’m away with them, my heart still longing the very core of their beings; the very essence of their love for their father. With my situation right now; sitting, observing and smiling at them while they made their own effort to show their prowess in front of me which they cannot get while I’m in a normal state.

Loving the way I felt for them were making a waves of intimate feeling that they’re longing for a long time. The reciprocal relationship confirmed that I will stay for them, love them and lead the way for their future.

The nightmare that I experienced with my friends changed to a very beautiful feeling not to be found from other people, only on my beloved family. It’s with my loved ones that triggered the most valuable essence of my being. It was with them all throughout, but I cannot see when a shroud of material things covered my entire self. “Anne Rose, I heard from your brother that you’re working with an American company associated with the Philippine government new project?”

“Yes Daddy, that’s true….a joint venture of the American government and our country. It’s a new project….and it’s confidential in nature. I asked my leave of absence because I wanted to meet you here Dad.”

“I love you baby….be careful always and don’t forget to pray to God the Father.”

“Yes Daddy, I’ll do that…and thanks. You know about Kent Daddy?”

“What about?”

“He’s aiming to work at Malacanang Palace; he’s number one in BAR exam Dad and really a politician.”

“Anne Rose, please call him, John, Danny and Christine.”

“Okay Dad.”

Anne Rose called them up at the other end of the hall and came back with her three brothers and a sister.“Dad we’re here…all of us.”

“Take your seats facing me…all of you.” I said looking them all seriously. “Well, you are all my children and today, I just know all your names and some of your behavior but deep inside of me, I didn’t know what kind of individual are you…in mind and heart. Forgive me for not knowing this before, yes that was before when you’re all still young then. As I struggle my life from other countries, I know, that I left behind to know your true self which are the best essence of being a father. All of you, as I observed this past hours, that we decided your schooling at home because of me. Since I gave your independence to study outside, you molded your personality the way you wanted it to be. On this regards, please allow me to know that and your ambition in life. So that, I could love you as my sons and daughters; and love you as what you intend to be. Can you do that for me?”

I seriously looked at them on their eyes, one by one with the feeling of knowing their true minds and hearts; to know them better as their beloved father.

“Daddy, I’ll start the ball rolling and I’m your eldest daughter. Well, Dad, as I’ve told you a while ago and this is my job. I’m ready and interested for it. As of now, I’ve got used to physical, emotional and intelligence training. We’re trained by American experts. And as I said, some are confidential in nature. For loving someone, not yet and I love what I’m doing now Dad, what can you say?”

“You’re the best baby Anne Rose! I have trust on you to carry on with your chosen field. I know you can do it excellently. One thing I’d like to ask for you, take good care of your three brothers and especially the youngest princess. You’re the eldest and that’s your responsibility for them all. All of you, do you understand? Keep your attachment to your eldest sister whatever you’re doing with your lives.” I paused, still looking at them. “Okay very good Anne Rose. Next, Kent Ian?”

“Yes Dad I’m here. Well, just graduated from college and a topnotch of the BAR exam. Dad, actually, I’m gaining my footing from the political world and really love my profession. You know what Dad, my hidden ambition….to become President of the Philippines. It’s okay Dad?”

“Yes Kent Ian, lovely and I’m really proud of you. All I can say is that, be aware always of the people around you, or friends, especially some politicians. You know our political system here in the Philippines, right?”

“Yes Dad and thank you.”

“Also, don’t forget to pray and call HIM when you needed help.”

“Yes Dad, I’ll remember that.”

“How about love my handsome son?”

“Dad, with regard to loving someone….not now Dad, maybe later…”

“Well, John Philip, your turn now.”

“Dad I personally thanking you… and as for me, I’m still in college, got the chemical engineering course, but I’m planning to take some other science course too. Dad, you know what, I’m running for a cum laude of the Engineering Department. And, I really loved doing some other things that interests me. Well, for love….later on…I think so...”

“Good…very good John…keep the good work…I admire you my son!”

“Thank you Dad!”

“Danny…your turn?” I said looking at him reliving my memory about this child.

“Dad, I want to be like you….a billionaire! What can you say Daddy?”
“Well, Danny, thank you for making me proud of my accomplishments but my life story is very different from yours. Besides, I came from…” I stopped and looked at him…all of them…a sudden burst of sadness inside my heart.

“We understand Dad…know your life story.” Anne Rose said.

“Dad, you know me…want to be a businessman with my own way. And for love, well, I can’t say for the moment. Promise Dad, I swear!”

“Okay Danny, like your vision and I salute you for that.”

“Thanks Dad! You know what Daddy, your little angel wanted to be an international model and actress,” as he presented Christine Mae in front of me.

“Are you sure Christine my angel?”

“Yes Dad, I can afford isn’t it?” Christine performed her killer stance in front of us. “See Dad, I can act too…you like a sample Dad?”

“No thanks my angel….you’re so artistic and beautiful!” I kissed her and whispered, ”I’m sure you can do it because your perfect in every angle.”
“Really Dad!”

“Yes my dear!”

“Ohhh I love you Dad!” She hugged me tightly and said, “Thank you Daddy.”

“All of you take your seats. What we’re doing right now including the audio, the video are recorded for my files. I want this because I treasure this moment to each of you. Who knows, maybe in the future, I’ll be with you again. With regard to all your financial expenses, allowances and other matters, I’ll assign somebody to handle this.”

“Okay Dad.” All of them said in unison. I smiled and everyone kissed and hugged me.

Still sitting on my wheel chair, they pushed me towards the center of the hall, opened their gifts and gave to me individually. Very glad for this moment with my children, the thing that I didn’t do for them while growing up. The lost time that I spent as an Overseas Filipino Worker cannot be redeemed by spending a shorter time, but looking the result of their accomplishments and personality as a responsible citizen, “Thank you so much my children…truly loved your presents to me.”

The group came while we’re at the center of the hall, that my wife, Ayah Isabel hastily embraced me crying.

“Marco, I’m so sorry…hu-hu-hu-hu….please forgive me,” and I said whispering to her, “Don’t worry at all, we’ll talk that later. Do you know her?”

“Yes Marco, she’s beautiful, I talked to her….explained everything. Our children know already about them and Danielle. Let’s introduce her to our children.”


Ayah pushed the wheel chair where the group was sitting introducing each other through the leadership of Edward. I saw Lina Luna but I eluded my mind to talk to her at that moment. I kept my silence I wanted them to initiate the introduction. I looked at them all especially Shaira; smiling and contented to be with the group.

I moved my right hand to Ayah’s hand, tightly fingered her palm, a signal to start the introduction. She squeezed my palm too, an affirmative sign to begin.

“Good afternoon to all, especially our children, Edward and wife, Lina and son, Oliver, and Shaira. You know, Shaira’s alone now. She’s Marco’s daughter from Danielle who truly loved him since our college days. I knew that you already have some knowledge about it through your uncle Edward.” Ayah Isabel stopped and looked at Shaira who’s listening very carefully. “Shaira, come over here please,” she said walking to the seat where Shaira’s sitting. They came back to me and Shaira embraced me and said, “Dad thank you so much, I missed you….I thought you left me…”

“I’m responsible for you now…and I love you baby. Where’s Marco Fernando Jr…your brother?”

“Dad, I know…we’ll talk that some other day Dad.”

“Okay Shaira,” and I kissed her while I observed my five children are looking intently. “Anne Rose, Kent Ian, John Philip, Danny Robert and Christine Mae, I formally accept and introduce Shaira Gustilo Fernando…your sister and our family member now. Come my children…welcome her....” All of them embraced, welcomed her warmly and I’m glad for this reunion.

“Thanking you all for accepting me here…Daddy Marco…Mommy Ayah…thank you so much!” She cried in front of the group.

As I saw Shaira’s crying…as my children hugged each other…. my tears fall to the book I’m holding on my lap which was given to me by Ayah Isabel as a gift. The title and author written in bold letter:

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): This is My Life and Story
A Novel by Fernando Lachica

“To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine”
Alexander Pope


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A freelance writer, marketer and a blogger. Graduate of BS Chemistry at Colegio de San Agustin Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Written first novel: Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life. Worked abroad in the Middle East and Gulf Country.


  1. I admire OFWs for all their hardwork and sacrifice. However, I wish a time will come when we Pinoys will no longer need to go abroad to work. I wish one day our country will be able to provide enough good work for us all.

    1. I hear your sentiment and I hope that the Phil government will create more jobs so workers doesn't have to leave.

  2. What a lovely family. I can't wait to read the whole novel. Do you have plans to propose this to movie producers? It will be a good story for radio drama as well. You know, diri sa Negros, damo gyapon gapamati sa radyo.... including me :D

  3. My dad is also and OFW so I find tthe story very interesting. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

  4. It sort of ties up your two books. It also looks exciting on how things would start with the new one.

  5. It's always a pleasure to read your posts...nice one..looking forward for your novel.

  6. Oh, here's what happens next! I hope your book makes it to the best selling list. :)

  7. Writing a novel is awesomely good but for the younger generation, they are actually more on visuals. I think it will not hurt if you will incorporate pictures together with the novel. nice work, btw!

  8. "The lost time that I spent as an Overseas Filipino Worker cannot be redeemed by spending a shorter time..." - I agree, nothing will ever beat physical presence.. but sometimes we just have to sacrifice for our loved ones...

  9. This is a book that I would want to read someday.

  10. It's nice that Marco's children were well raised and are on the right track.

  11. Once again, I was engrossed. Making me want to wish that continuation will be posted the soonest possible time.

  12. Filial love, acceptance, forgiveness. Nice work Fernando, hope to see more of this.
    JeniG of Kalikotepot

  13. Somehow, I can relate since my dad is also working abroad. Wish to read the whole book soon.

  14. Finally! I get to meet Marco's kids! It's nice to know they all grew up well and have very high ambitions.

  15. It's always a fulfilling moment when the dad is supported and cheered for by the family.

  16. I like how the end came with the book authored by you.

  17. I remember my ofw friend once told me, "it's not all about the money"...it requires sacrificing your time (which is the most important) with your loved ones. Nice post indeed. Sharing this to my OFW friends.

  18. Nice to read again this story, entitled: THE GAME OF LIFE. It really focus really on how family faces challenges and to thank the head of the family for giving all his best.

  19. I have seen and heard stories similar to this Kuya, having lived in the Middle East for the past 15 years. It's sad for most but somehow, like this story, some story turned out fine. I just hope that every OFW around the world will not find themselves in tight pickle especially for those who are already married. It's painful for the family back home to digest something similar to this story.

    I have friends whose families were shattered because of extra marital activities committed by the OFWs. It's disheartening to hear the children's grief and the other half's pain to know that their dad/mom had an affair. :(

  20. Where can I get eBook version to read?

  21. Very inspiring story. I always do my work because of my family. I think there's a lot of lessons on this book.

  22. Inspiring story and a wonderful read. Beautifully written and somehow can relate to this.




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